Friday, July 9, 2010

Ransome's Crossing by Kaye Dacus

From the back cover:

In order to get to her secret fiance in Jamaica, Charlotte Ransome must disguise herself as Charles Lott, a midshipman who joins the crew of one of the ships in a convoy led by her brother---Commodore William Ransome. Unknown to her, First Lieutenant Ned Cochrane, also in Ransome's convoy, has set his heard on Charlotte after meeting her briefly in Portsmouth. But because he is about to leave for a year of duty in Caribbean, he despairs of finding her unmarried when he returns home.

During the transatlantic journey, an attack on the convoy throws Ned and "Midshipman Lott" together. Though unsure as to whether he should let Charlotte know he sees through her ruse, Ned decides to keep her secret...and hopes to eventually win her love. Charlotte soon discovers that losing her heard to the handsome lieutenant is not the only danger she faces on this Atlantic crossing.

Courage, faith, hope, and love shine in this exciting romantic sea adventure from the Regency era.

My thoughts:

Kaye Dacus is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Ransome's Crossing is the second book in the Ransome Trilogy, and I recommend reading the first book, Ransome's Honor. Ransome's Crossing also continues the story of William and Julia, who were first introduced in Ransome's Honor. In this volume, they are beginning married life as they travel to her plantation in Jamaica. The focus is equally on Ned and Charlotte, who have been fascinating since their first meeting in Ransome's Honor. I found Ransome's Crossing to be a very satisfying read, and I know it is a book I will read time and time again.

The ending will make you wait patiently (or not so patiently) for the third book in the series, Ransome's Quest.

**A copy of this book was graciously provided by the author, Kaye Dacus and her publisher, for review purposes.**


Kav said...

I'm stomping at the bit to get to the bookstore and pick up my copy. I was going to go this past week but it is so wretchedly hot here that I couldn't face venturing into the concrete jungle. It doesn't look like it's going to cool down any so I guess I'll just venture out first thing in the morning on Monday. I'm also going to pick up Mary Connealy's news book, Doctor in Petticoats.

oh -- and I'm a huge figure skating fan as well...Wouldn't it be great to find a Christian romance with a figure skating plot? LOL.

Michelle said...

I completely understand about not wanting to be out in the heat. It's been miserably hot here too. I didn't go out (except to check my mail) between Sunday and Thursday. Then I ended up out twice on Thursday, lol. We had rain yesterday though, the temps are a little cooler, and it's much less lumid.

I've not really read a lot of Mary Connealy's books. The library has a couple of them though. I should check them out.

I've been a skating fan since 1993. Always have a soft sport in my heart for Canadian skaters, since it was a Canadian skater who caused me to become hooked on the sport.

A Christian romance with a skating theme would be great, but I'm not going to hold my breath on it since there are few skating related books in the mainstream.

Kav said...

Okay, inquiring minds want to know which Canadian figure skater got you hooked on the sport? Elvis Stojko? Kurt Browning? Bourne and Kraatz? Sigh, those were the days.

Michelle said...

Oh those were the days, indeed. I taped so much skating back in the 1990's. I still have all the tapes. Kurt Browning was the skater who got me hooked on skating. It was the Casablanca program, which is still one of my all time favorite programs. I also loved Stojko and Bourne and Kraatz (who were robbed too many times to count, imo).