Monday, May 2, 2011

Against the Wind by Brock and Bodie Thoene

Synposis from goodreads:

As Nazi forces tighten their net of evil over Europe in 1940, famed Jewish concert violist Elisa Lindheim Murphy escapes from Vienna to England. But both Elisa and her American newsman husband, John Murphy, are convinced that nowhere in Europe is safe from Hitler's seemingly unstoppable forces.

As Nazi U-boats patrol and sink Allied vessels in the North Atlantic, Elisa makes a desperate but brave decision—to accompany Jewish refugee children on a civilian transport through treacherous seas to seek asylum in America. At least there, in the land of freedom, the ragged remnant of the Jewish people can live on in peace and safety—or so she hopes. But as German torpedoes streak toward the refugee ship, Elisa will face the greatest trial of her life….

My review:

I would probably rate this about 3.5 stars.

My thoughts on Against the Wind are so jumbled right now. I loved the Zion Covenant series, it has a permanent place on my keeper shelves. Elisa and Murphy are two of my all time favorite characters, and one of my favorite couples.

I loved the first third or so of Against the Wind. There were moments that made me gasp, and it was wonderful to reacquaint myself with Elisa and Murphy. However once I was at the point where Elisa boarded the ship for America I found myself scanning through the pages.

My biggest issue with Against the Wind came from Elisa's diary. This diary covered the story of Vienna Prelude, and I felt there were serious continuity errors within the diary sections. Events were changed from how they occurred in Vienna Prelude, and there was one section of the diary where the dates used did not make sense at all.

I do wish to compliment Summerside Press on the cover art. The photos of Elisa and Murphy are pretty much the way I have always pictured them in my mind.

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